Automatically create an SPF, DKIM and DMARC for your cold email mailboxes

We have the best cold email system in the industry because we screen and approve every customer.

We built Dino for people who send a lot of cold email.
Here’s how automatic SPF, DKIM, and DMARC setup works.

1. Log Into Your Dino Account

Under your Dino account, you will have access to the main dashboard where you can immediately get started registering a new domain.

2. Click on “Buy A Domain”

Every domain registered through Dino will automatically have its SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records configured automatically, without any need for you to perform this DNS setup process on your own! Once logged in, you can register a new domain under the “Create” option.

3. Enter Your New Domain Name

Under the domain registration screen, all you need to do is enter in the domain name and TLD extension you wish to register, and include any website link for your business if you wish to set up a 301 redirect. Once you click on “Buy Domain”, you are all set!

You can now create an unlimited amount of inboxes under any domain.

Dino takes 30 seconds to spin up a new domain & mailbox.

A study across 200k+ emails has shown that Dino outperforms Google, Microsoft and Zoho’s deliverability when looking at cold email open rates. All other providers use shared IP addresses which directly hurts your deliverability. Dino gives you dedicated IP addresses to help combat deliverability issues.

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Dino is built specifically for cold emails. Stop trying to use other email providers to scale your cold email, Dino handles the scaling for you.

Allows cold email
1 click domain purchases
1 click mailbox creation
Automatically creates SPF, DKIM, and
Unlimited free inboxes
Daily send limit per inbox
Auto IP address balancers
Dedicated IP addresses
Screening for spammers
Integrates with cold email tools

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We have the best cold email system in the industry because we screen and approve every customer.