The best mailbox
to send cold email.

Dino’s mailboxes rivals Google, Zoho, and Outlook. Automatically create domains, mailboxes, SPF, DKIM and DMARC in a few clicks.

Compare Dino to the alternatives

Dino is built specifically for cold emails. Stop trying to use other email providers to scale your cold email, Dino handles the scaling for you.

Allows cold email
1 click domain purchases
1 click mailbox creation
Automatically creates SPF, DKIM, and
Unlimited free inboxes
Daily send limit per inbox
Auto IP address balancers
Dedicated IP addresses
Screening for spammers
Integrates with cold email tools

Unlimited emails and mailboxes

We don’t charge per inbox or have any sending limits on our mailboxes. Scale your cold email with ease and don’t waste your time building 100s of mailboxes for no reason.

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Dino rivals Google, Microsoft and Zoho’s open rates

A study across millions of cold emails has shown that Dino outperforms Google, Microsoft and Zoho’s open rates. All other providers use shared IP addresses which directly hurts your open rates. Dino gives you dedicated IP addresses for your sending.

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Programatically create domains and mailboxes via Zapier or API

If you’re scaling your cold email campaigns it’s enveitable that you’re creating multiple mailboxes. Hundreds of hours are wasted created, monitoring and deleting mailboxes. Dino lets you programtically create domains and mailboxes in seconds.

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We have the best cold email system in the industry because we screen and approve every customer.